Childhood Creative Relaxed

The Oberst Affair

Reading Time: 6 minutes Carl Oberst and Marie Carmichael were having an affair. They thought nobody knew, and the feeling of having an illicit secret made their meetings even more exciting as they slid and slithered over each other in the back of a car in a secluded corner of the baseball diamond parking lot. They also sometimes fucked …

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Apocalypse Creative Relaxed

The Star Wormwood

Reading Time: 10 minutes 1_ He could remember the news report from the day before. The anchor man looking deeply, earnestly, gravely, into the camera. Saffron yellow dots on his cornflower-blue neck-tie. It really brought out his eyes, that tie. “Experts recommend,” he said, “that everyone make their way to an underground shelter.” As if they hadn’t stopped building …

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