Covid Discussion Explanation Formal Psychology

Emotionally Resilient people are Emotionally Resilient because they’re Emotionally Resilient

Reading Time: 3 minutes A recent study conducted by Martina Luchetti at Florida State University suggests that in response to the social distancing measures of the Covid-19 situation, people are feeling more socially connected and supported than expected. The study had a total of 1,500 people who participated from beginning to end, and consisted of three surveys filled out …

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Peter pan, the boy who never grew up.
Academic Advanced Argument Emerging Adulthood Formal

An Argument Against Emerging Adulthood

Reading Time: 11 minutes In progressive, liberal, Western societies, the concept of adulthood has become rather nebulous. The trend of increasing acceptance of individual difference has made many of adulthood’s traditional ideas more difficult to interpret. Unlike traditional societies, for example, Western European and North American traditions in the main no longer practice any rites or rituals which formally …

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